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Preparing for your Newborn Session

Congratulations on your new, sweet bundle of joy. I am so excited to work with you and your family. Here are some session tips and recommendations to help your session go as smooth as possible.


For the Littlest One

When choosing a time for your newborn session, aim for a time your baby seems to be the calmest, most asleep version of themselves.

Be sure to feed them RIGHT before their session or before you leave your home. Prep an extra bottle in the diaper bag to bring with you as well.

Put baby in comfortable clothing to travel to your session in that is easy to remove. I personally recommend a zipper footie sleeper.

For the Parents

I know you probably are not getting much sleep and feel not so awesome, but these moments with your little are once in a lifetime, and we definitely want you in them! 

Make sure you both are completely dressed and ready. Prepare with comfortable shoes that you can slip off quickly for photos. If there's any recommendation I can give here, under eye patches go a long way!

DSC_0781 (1).JPG
What Should You Bring?

I provide multiple solid colored swaddles that I will have with me. The studio also offers multiple baskets, furs, etc. to place baby on and in. 

Unless there is an outfit at home you truly want baby in, then there is nothing extra that you have to remember. 

If there are any small details you want in baby's images, just be sure to remember those. 

Example: IVF details, remembrance pieces of those who have passed, special blankets.

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