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What is the Pre Booking List?

If you are on this page, then you have signed up for Ashley Stone Photo's annual fall/winter pre booking list. What is it? 

The pre booking list is allowing you to BOOK your fall + winter session on July 30th, 2023 as soon as the entire schedule is opened for the season. 

Why is this different then just waiting to book?

NO ONE outside of the pre booking list has access to booking a fall and winter session with me until one week after the people on pre booking. 

Which is in turn giving you first dibs and backstage access to all of my calendar for fall and winter.

"Last Year I Sold Out of All Minis + Full Session Spots in 16 minutes"

Will I Know What Will Be on the Schedule for Fall + Winter Ahead of Time?


I will be posting sample photos, along with dates in the weeks leading up to Pre Booking. These sample photos with their coinciding dates will be posted on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK only. I will not be sending them through the text chain or anywhere else. 
You are always welcome to reach out and ask questions regarding anything that has to do with pre booking so that it is fully understood. 


Will I Need to Pre Book a Full Session?


I will only be taking on EIGHT full sessions for the entire Fall and Winter season.

This includes engagements, maternity, families, couples, etc.

Full Sessions are personal 50 minute sessions for you, your family, engagements, etc. 

They will be priced at $550 this year. There will be an additional $125 charge for families with more than 8 in attendance.

Do you Still Have Questions?

Please text me at this phone number


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