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My Full Location Guide

This landing page will show you every location available to you for your session with me. Looking at the images will give you an insight as to not only what the location looks like, but also how it photographs with my editing style.

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Lost Dutchman State Park

Located in Apache Junction, AZ at the base of the Superstition Mountains. Entry fee of $10 per vehicle applies. Ashley Stone's fee must be covered by client as well.

Lost Dutchman is located in the dead center front of the Superstitions, with the clearest view of the mountains. This location also offers the least amount of walking for a Superstition location.

Recommended color palettes for your outfits:

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First Water

This trailhead is directly beside the main entrance to Lost Dutchman, but does not pose an entry fee. There is one dirt lot to park in at this location. During spring, fall and winter, the parking can be insane.

This location does house more cholla cactus as shown in the images, and a more indirect view of the front of the Superstitions.

roxy and trevor.jpg

Recommended color palettes same as previous location

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Downtown Phoenix

sam matt old church.jpg
sam matt orpheum.jpg

Downtown Phoenix is such a versatile and architectural location for photos. I always start on a rooftop of a parking garage and we work are way down throughout the city.

Please be aware that the parking garages do charge in Downtown, and depending on if there is an event, can pose a fee of up to $20. Client is responsible for the parking fee of both yourself and Ashley Stone.

Recommended color palettes:


Papago Park

This park is an array of diverse backdrops + features, as you can see. The mountains are filled with stunning caves and holes. And the lake with palm trees is just a short walk from them. This is a great location for someone who is looking for the best of both worlds. No parking fees associated.

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Recommended color palettes:

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This downtown area is immersed in old brick buildings, beautiful alley ways & some artwork on the walls throughout. The area also features several aesthetic bar locations for photographs, as well as a bookstore.
No parking fees associated.


Recommended color palettes:

Orange Groves 
- Chandler-

VELASCO OG (2).jpg

This beautiful tucked in location is located on the border of Gilbert and Chandler.
Mostly green and overgrown. 
Most popular location for fall.

No parking fees.


Recommended color palettes:

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The Salt River 

A stunning oasis on the edge of the Salt River, facing gorgeous mountains. The golden glow at sunset is unbeatable.
Some spots at this location also houses river rock throughout from the water cascading back.

Parking fee is $12. Pass can be purchased at the parking lot on a machine. 
Travel fee of $30 added as well, unless you book a Salt River specific mini session.

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-Buffalo Park-

Located in the heart of Flag, but surrounded by beautiful fields, lots of forestry and their classic "Snowbowl" mountain in view. This spot is sure to be captivating.
Flagstaff Minis do NOT have a travel fee.
A full session in Flagstaff outside of a set mini date is a $300 travel fee.


Recommended color palettes:

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-multiple locations-

I photograph at multiple locations throughout Sedona. The red rocks are gorgeous no matter the spot! However, certain location do require more hiking than others. Some locations feature water and some don't.

Travel fee for Sedona UNLESS it is for my Sedona Minis, is $300. 


Recommended color palettes:

Stone Studios

This is the only studio I prefer to do in studio sessions at, as I personally own it. We regularly have four different themed rooms on hand. Two of our rooms consistently switch themes, and may not look exactly like some of the images shown here. If you would like an in studio session at another studio, you will be responsible for the studio fee on top of your session fee.

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